Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Break 08

My spring break trip started out in Baltimore, at the HUGE AWESOME SUPER COOL AQUARIUM! it's right on the port, and the building is big a feat of architecture. We got there early, because we had 9:15 tickets entrance tickets. After looking around the pier some, taking alot more pics of the Ship (and the marines on the ship) a cool submarine and other boats, we decided we were very cold. There was a huge crazy Barnes and Noble next door, so we headed over there to warm up and get ready. When we time came we made our way over to the aquariam. I was blown away from the minute I got in the door. They were having the "YEAR OF THE FROG" so they had a little display out with some frogs out that they could let the little kids hold and touch. This guy was very photogenic and I had to grab his picture. Then they walked into the main areas and they had a HUGE HUGE area that had manta rays and nurse sharks and of course a SEA TURTLE. It only had 3 legs though because it had lost one due to an infection. Tres sad, but it was so huge and magestic and GIGANTIC..(I have a pic later on for reference!) Anyway, after I stared at that area for ages (seriously, it was larger than my house) Steve and I made our way into the exhibit area. They had tons of cool fish and eels and different aquatic animals, I have a bunch of pics with different animals, but I'll try to only post a few here. They had a sea horse exhibit, which was super cool. I've never seen them anywhere except on the TV, but theyre really little, and propel themselves forward and hang out in groups. THen I saw this weird dude. Can YOU tell what is fish and what is rock? Yeah, that IS moss on him. Prettyyyyy weird. We walked around the place some more and there were a TON of turtles..everywhere. There were Australian ones, and Indonesian ones, and American ones and big ones, little ones, ones with red necks, ones with snake necks, and ones for me to take my PICTURE WITH. Woot. After we got done with all the underwater exhibits, we went to their new Australian exhibit. They had MORE TURTLES, and snakes, and bats, and a big hairy spider, and birds, and plants (and can you tell I was excited), but they also had SLOTHS. Normally, sloths are very slllooooow animals that rarely move at all.. They normally sleep 18 hours a day, and at their fastest can move a whopping .5 feet a minue. Well, one of the ones they had was not aware of his speed limit, and was going crazy, walking all over the pin finding food here and there and then changing to find more food...This made for awesome pics of the sloth with his CLAW.. PRETTY Cool. After wards we walked around this giant corkscrew thing, where we saw lots of sharks and different kinds of fish. I have a few pics of them, but I dont want too COMPLETELY clog up the website. Lets see, then we walked downstairs, along a giant whale skeleton (Steve swore it was bigger when he was a kid...) and got to the area underneath the viewing room from earlier. You could look underneath and watch them swim up next to the area, I got some cool pics of a giant manta ray, but for posterity, I HAD to show the pic of the turtle and the guy feeding it. (We got lucky that they were feeding the animals while we were there) I TOLD you those sea turtles were HUGE.

After we left the Baltimore Aquarium. Steve and I headed up to Jersey! We headed out with his dad and sister to dinner at Outback which was super yummy. I also found an awesome coaster, but I didnt take a picture and I cant find it now. Anyway, I promised mom a pic of Steve and his sis and dad, so, here it is. I told y'all they looked just alike. Great genes huh?

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